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One Nation, Under God

“One Nation, Under God”

Remember that?

After watching the news over the past weekend, I’ve become fed up. Our country is falling apart quickly, and it seems like people don’t want to do anything about it. We spend all of our time debating gun control, big tech, immigration, and health care. Shouldn’t we spend this time on putting God back into our everyday lives?

The United States of America was founded based on Godly principles. Our nation’s founders were men of God and depended on His guidance for the direction of our country.

But somehow, over the years, our country has turned its back on God. We have found ways to circumvent His laws to suit our own ungodly desires. We’ve taken God out of our laws, removed prayer from public schools, taken the Ten Commandments out of our government buildings, banned Christmas sayings and scenes in public places, and have allowed Hollywood to continually mock Jesus Christ.

How are we letting this happen?!

Approximately 78% of all Americans claim to be Christians and 22% claim another faith or no faith. Why are we letting the 22% dictate our religious freedoms? And it’s not even those 22% who are pushing for this — It’s the 3-5% who claim to be atheists that are wanting this change to happen. The problem with this is that the small percentage of unbelievers are fighting against the majority of Americans, and winning. I’m sick of this.

This is America, our home. It’s time to wake up and put God back in charge.

If we put the Ten Commandments back in our classrooms, maybe there wouldn’t be so many children shooting each other if they saw “THOU SHALT NOT KILL” every day when they went to school. Instead of putting security guards in our schools, let’s put prayer back into them.

How about celebrating Christmas instead of banning nativity scenes and Christmas trees? If it wasn’t for the birth of Jesus Christ, we wouldn’t be having Christmas anyways. Let’s embrace that.

Why don’t we try making our marriages work? All too often, people just abandon ship when their marriages get rocky. Grow up and work through it. And stop cheating on your wife or husband.

Hey Hollywood — I don’t like the way you portray Christians. We are not snake worshipers, straight-laced Bible thumpers, or naive dorks. We pray before we eat and when we go to sleep. It’s not a big deal to us, it’s an everyday thing. Stop making a joke of it. The Christians I know are really cool people. They are successful businessmen and leaders throughout my community. Why don’t you make a movie about the REAL life of a Christian?

Mr. President — My Bible is right beside by bed, along with my Springfield XD .45 and it’s 13+1 high capacity magazine. You know what? I don’t like your continued efforts to infringe upon my liberties. I believe in our Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. If I have to defend my life and the life of my family, I’m going to use every available bullet I have. It’s time you take a step back and realize what nation you are leading. This is God’s country, not yours buddy.

If you are a Christian and feel the same as I do, why don’t we do something about it? Seriously. Don’t back down when someone threatens what you believe. All too often, we just turn away when we see or hear something that offends us. As children of God, we have an obligation to fight for what is right. Don’t just wait for someone else to step up. Be fearless and step out into faith. Start with what you have and where you’re at. You never know what kind of movement you can put into motion. We are in this together.

God Bless America!

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