My Work

This is a timeline of my entrepreneurial endeavors. I’m grateful for each lesson these ventures taught me.

D.B. Hodge Investments | 2010

On 4/08/2010, I incorporated D.B. Hodge Investments, Inc., in the state of Mississippi. This was going to be my investment & holding company for my business activities. This was about 2 years into my day trading activities and I realized I needed a better way to structure my money and plans. From starting with penny stocks, I went on to trading options and buying tax liens.

CitiLife | 2011

On 8/19/2011, I incorporated CitiLife, Inc., also in the State of Mississippi. This was the business that sparked my interests in the network effect of businesses and people everywhere. The idea for CitiLife was to be each city’s hyperlocal platform where the real news & communication could take place. CitiLife’s first location was HattiesburgLife, which is where I lived at the time. | 2012

This started off being my digital solutions company with the tag line, “Tailored Internet Solutions.” In my mind, I thought it was a great name, but when the first two clients I met with called it “Visex” instead of “V-Six,” I knew that name wasn’t going to be brandable. So, I decided to keep to be my VoIP, hosting, and technology company that powered all of my online business activities.

dbVantage | 2012

This is my web design, development, and marketing firm that has strong roots throughout the Southeast. This is also where my entrepreneurial endeavors started to make some decent money. I consider dbVantage to be my creative side.

DB Ventures | 2012

DB Ventures is my venture firm that holds some of my business endeavors. My plan for the long-term is to invest in multiple companies in various markets that will propel our lives forward into a better future. In a sense, this is almost my personal startup generator.

Pharmedio | 2014

Pharmedio grew out of a pharmaceutical software project at dbVantage. It had so much potential with a growing market that I decided to form a company around it. While being CEO here, I learned how to build a startup. I also learned what could go wrong with a startup. This was my biggest success hitting $1M ARR the first year.

Citizen Health | 2017

Citizen Health is going big and trying to build a new financial model for our healthcare system. This is my 30-year project. Visit →

What’s next? I’ve dedicated the rest of my career to these areas:


I made a pact with my son that I would dedicate the next 30 years of my life to building a better healthcare future for him. I’m four years into this journey with Citizen Health.


I was never satisfied or challenged in high school and college. The whole process of rote memorization and test-taking felt like a byproduct of factory thinking. I want to build a better educational system for my kids. I need to get my hands dirty in their school system first.


Another focus of mine is 3D printing houses. Yes, complete houses. I want to build tornado, hurricane, and fireproof houses that cost 50% less and take 50% less time to build than what is currently available. We’re still building houses with wood, hammers, and nails. It’s time to disrupt this $10 Trillion industry.

If you would like to work with me on these endeavors, let me know.