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Do the Hard Things

The best action is usually the hardest option to choose. This observation can be applied to all good things in life. And this is not the path of least resistance.

The conversations you dread are usually the ones that move your goals farther down the road.

To become healthier, you must endure the pain of exercising, running, eating better, and sleeping better. Done correctly, you must sacrifice short-term gratification.

Take cold showers for instance. Yes, they suck. But by pushing yourself to endure the suck, you will increase your willpower to man-up and endure the suck later when life gets difficult.

The same goes for meditation. For beginners, it can feel like a waste of 10 minutes. But when you start meditating, you realize those 10 minutes are preparing your mind for the difficulties of what the day will bring.

There is no growth without change, no change without loss, and no loss without pain.

In summary, do the hard things that will get you closer to your goal, for that is how you achieve greatness.

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