Healthcare Technology

The Health Operating System

It’s time we drop the “E” in EMR (Electronic Medical Record). Then let’s drop the “Medical Record” part. Now we can start over and build something better. Let’s rethink what we’re trying to accomplish with software in healthcare. Our objectives should be: Keeping people healthy by predicting & preventing illness Providing the best diagnosis & treatment possible…Continue readingThe Health Operating System

Healthcare Media Technology

2018 Society for Participatory Medicine Conference

The graphic you see is a storyboard drawn in real-time as I was giving my talk. Wow. The artist made me sound smart!! The talk I gave was about “Healthcare in 2028.” The recording quality is terrible, but I had a whole lot of fun at this conference. I met up with numerous people I’ve…Continue reading2018 Society for Participatory Medicine Conference

My Thoughts Startups Technology

Where is the future we were promised?

What happened to the future we were promised? I mean come on, 50 years ago we were promised flying cars, teleportation, and condos on the moon. Where the heck are these things? Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Arthur C. Clarke, and Isaac Asimov are probably turning over in their graves right now. These futuristic thinkers were…Continue readingWhere is the future we were promised?