David Brennen Hodge

CEO @ Citizen Health, an entrepreneur on a mission to make the world a better place.

What I do

Day in, day out, I get up to put ideas in motion & to make things happen. I’m currently the Founder & CEO of Citizen Health, a health technology company rebuilding healthcare for the next generation.

What I love

I love God, family & friends, good ideas, and golf. Other than that, you can probably find me at the gym or at my office. Yes, my office overlooks a lake and I love it.

Where I live

I live in the great state of Mississippi. Sure, we have a bad rep for being the 1st or last on every list, but I’ve made the decision to grow this state into something better. It’s a work in progress.

“Mediocrity is what keeps the average down. Challenge the status quo and build something great.”

I’m an entrepreneur on a mission to make the world a better place. Come join me on my journey as I focus on building the companies that will become our future.

Ambitious plans call for ambitious thinking.

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Companies I’ve Founded

Founder & CEO

Citizen Health is a fresh new economic model for increasing the health of nations. Using exponential technologies and crowdsourced innovation, we are saving lives.

Founder & CEO

Pharmedio is a SaaS sales reporting platform for specialty & compounding pharmacies across the United States. Our solutions allow for rapid sales force expansion, detailed production reporting, and prescriber management tools to keep healthcare sales reps on top of their game.

Founder & CEO

dbVantage is a full stack creative agency that offers businesses everything they need to succeed on and offline. We work with our clients to establish and grow their brand presence across all mediums.

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