Business Developer &
UX Architect

Dreamer.  Problem Solver.  Entrepreneur.
 I’m a guy who doesn’t accept the status quo.



What I do

Day in, day out, I get up to put ideas in motion & to make things happen. I’m currently the CEO of dbVantage, a web development firm, and CEO of Pharmedio, a pharmaceutical software company.

What I love

I love God, family & friends, good ideas, and golf. Other than that, you can probably find me at the gym or at my office. Yes, my office overlooks a lake and I love it.

Where I reside

I live in the great state of Mississippi. Sure, we have a bad rep for being the 1st or last on every list, but I’ve made the decision to grow this state into something better. It’s a work in progress.


What I Know


I know how to make businesses grow. It’s easy, really. First, I analyze a business from top to bottom and seek out every touch point involved. By touch points, I mean any interaction between people, software, or hardware. Once I figure out where the points are located, I devise strategies to streamline or alleviate these constraints. These strategies mostly involve developing custom software that increases efficiency and provides intuitive feedback.

What’s my background? Well, I have a B.S. in Biology & Chemistry from William Carey University and a MBA from the University of Southern Mississippi. After I graduated, I launched a hyperlocal social platform called CitiLife. It was my first startup and I learned a lot. I then went on to found dbVantage, which is a web development & marketing company. After that, I started Pharmedio, which is a pharmaceutical software company. Over the past decade, I’ve definitely learned what works and what doesn’t. Now I just take what works and make it work better.

Business Development
Search Engine Optimization
HIPAA Compliance
IT Consulting
Website Design & Development
Brand Strategy